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Information about YR-MRA (SE-JNI)
Last update: 31 Oct 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8623
Year: 1981
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed in 1981. It began its career in France and was later operated in Ireland. It was imported to Sweden in September of 2010 and is stationed at Northern Helicopters's large flight school in Jönköping.

The helicopter was transferred to the Romanian registry as YR-MRA in December 2010, but the aircraft itself stayed in Sweden.

It was involved in a training accident at Jönköping-Axamo Airport on 16 March 2011, as its skid gear collapsed during landing. The aircraft was restored and returned to service.

It was incorporated in Northern Helicopters' Romanian JAR-OPS company (Northern Helicopters International SRL) in mid-2011, offering commercial operations in Sweden.

YR-MRA returned to the Swedish registry as SE-JNI in late March 2013. It was operated by the flight school Northern Helicopters.

The helicopter showed up at a Swedish classified ads site in March 2015. It was offered for sale by the Swedish Enforcement Authority, which asked roughly 134'000 EUR for the 4992-hour aircraft. The Enforcement Authority stated that the aircraft had been seized according to an order on August 11, 2014. It further wrote that there were some grievances related to the helicopter's engine, which at the time was located in an engine overhaul centre in England.

The helicopter was purchased by a private owner, who restored the helicopter to a flying condition.
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