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Information about PH-HXH (SE-HSA)
Last update: 15 Apr 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 45103
Year: 1977
Last known operator:
This helicopter was manufactured in 1977. It was purchased by Swedish Rentaco AB back in mid-1987, and put in service with Helicopter Assistance AB at Bromma Airport. It was operated by the company in three years before it was sold to Helicopter Arrangemang Bell HB (Lilliehöök Helikopter AB).

In March 1994 the helicopter was exported to the Dutch helicopter company Heli Holland Holding BV in Emmercompascuum. The registration was cancelled on April 14, 1994, and instead the helicopter was given the registration PH-HXH.

This aircraft was involved in SVT’s (Sweden’s Television) crime drama television series “Goltuppen” from 1991 (by GW Persson). The helicopter is seen landing on the roof of the Österåker prison in Norrtälje to help some prisoners to escape. The “Helicopter Assistance” markings are clearly visible. As the plot of the fictive drama goes on it turns out that the aircraft was stolen and the pilot had some attachments to the company. Pretty similar to the Helicopter Robbery in Stockholm in 2009, where SE-HON had been stolen from its operator.
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