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Information about N6DM (SE-JVK)
Last update: 23 Mar 2019
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Aircraft Data
Reg: N6DM
S/N: 1922
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
N913L, N6DM
This aircraft was constructed in 1986. It was sparsely operated in the US, and it was eventually converted from a B model to a BA in 2010. Following the BA upgrade the helicopter was flown across the US from California to New York, where it was loaded on a ship and transported to the UK for repainting and interior works. The helicopter was later stationed in Cannes, France, where it stayed until May 2013.

The helicopter was imported to Sweden in June 2013, purchased by the private owner Tjusta Gård AB (owner of the Long Ranger SE-JOO). It was a real low-hour helicopter at the time, with only 1225 hrs of total time. N6DM went through an US-export/EASA-import at Malmskogens Aerocenter in Linköping for the next two months. It got its Swedish registration SE-JVK in August 2013.

The helicopter entered EastAir's fleet for a brief period of time the same month, but it left shortly thereafter.

SE-JVK was incorporated in Kallax Flyg's fleet in September 2014. It was operated in various parts of the country for nearly two years.

The helicopter joined HeliAir Sweden's large fleet in July 2016. The helicopter came to be used for a wide range of operations, including taxi flights in the Swedish mountain world around Hemavan and Ammarnäs. The jobs are marketed through the sales company Helikopterflyg AB, which also uses a Bell Jet Ranger (SE-HLK) for its operations.

SE-JVK left HeliAir Sweden's fleet a couple of years later.
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