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Information about N14MH
Last update: 14 Dec 2015
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Aircraft Data
Reg: N14MH
S/N: 66-1238 (7314)
Year: 1966
Last known operator:
661238 (N)
Manufactured back in 1966 this Huey was one of very few TH-1F models ever built. It spent its first 20 years as a VIP helicopter in the US Air Force, where it served as a personal carrier for an Air Force Colonel. It was extensively modified for its VIP purpose, with details like a wide sofa, a minibar, a refrigerator, a broadloom carpet and, off course, gold-plated pedals.

The helicopter left the Air Force in 1986. It spent a long faithful service with the US Air Force, before it was retired in 1986. It found its way to the civilian market, where the owner of a casino chain in Las Vegas used it as a VIP transporter.

Flying in Sweden
A private owner in Sweden eventually purchased the helicopter through the New Castle based company Southern Transport Inc. It was based at Karlsborg Airport together with its sister ship N136US for many years. It could be seen at various events, with its main trick being the ability to transport a motorcycle in the large cabin.

N14MH was allegedly sold to a company in Stockholm in the autumn of 2013, with the intention to be stationed at the small Vängsö Airfield in Gnesta, south west of the capital. The aircraft was reportedly to be administered by the “Huey Veteran Association” (Föreningen Huey Veteranerna) intended to offer sightseeing tours in exchange for the payment of a one-year membership in the club. The details showed up at the event company's website in May 2014.

The deal was not finalized, and the helicopter was relocated to an airfield in the Skaraborg region instead.
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