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Information about N136US
Last update: 8 Jul 2016
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Aircraft Data
Reg: N136US
S/N: 15-4777 (6161)
Year: 1967
Last known operator:
154777 (N), N38AM
This aircraft was originally constructed as an UH-1C in the US back in 1967. It served the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War between 1967 and 1970, where it was stationed in DaNang. The helicopter had an external rescue hoist and larger fuel tanks than the UH-1B. It was eventually upgraded with different avionics and equipment, which made it an UH-1E.

Following its return to the US, the helicopter was decommissioned at the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center (MASDC) in 1976. It was revived in 1986 and came to spend some time with the San Diego Police Department prior to being shipped to Europe in the late-90s. It was flown from Hamburg to a new private owner in Norway in 1999.

The helicopter found way to a private owner in Sweden through the New Castle based company Southern Transport Inc in 2003. N136US was based at Karlsborg Airport together with its sister ship N14MH, and it could be seen at various airshows and events. In 2012, nine years in Sweden, N136US was sold to a private owner in Stavanger, Norway.
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