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Information about LN-OPM (SE-HRK)
Last update: 26 Oct 2012
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1187D
Year: 1982
Last known operator:
2010-07-17, N...
SE-HRK was imported by Helikopter Transport back in 1989 and remained in service in 20 years before the company was purchased by Flygtjänst and entered service in the new joint company "Flygtjänst o Helikoptertransport i Sverige AB". The aircraft is mainly used for power line inspections and sling load operations throughout large parts of Sweden.

SE-HRK was involved in an accident on 17th of July 2010 as the helicopter was damaged during an emergency training in Vilhelmina. The two highly experienced pilots were conducting a full-down autorotation landing when one of the skids got stuck in the ground at the very end of the procedure and the aircraft rolled over, damaging the helicopter. None of the people onboard sustained any injuries. The accident took place at the Sagadal Airfield, which is situated south east of the town Vilhelmina in northern Sweden.

The company Flygtjänst o Helikoptertransport was purchased by HeliAir Sweden in early-2011. The airframe of SE-HRK was included in the deal and SE-HRK was moved to HeliAir's maintenance facility in Västerås.

SE-HRK was partly repaired by HeliAir Maintenance in Västerås. The airframe was sold to the US in October 2012.
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