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Information about LN-OMP (SE-HRB)
Last update: 5 Jul 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0177E
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
LN-OMP, 2001-06-21
This helicopter was constructed in 1986 and was imported to Sweden, purchased by Laroy Flyg AB, the same year. It was registered SE-HRB in April 1986 and came to be used for agricultural works (mainly liming operations). The helicopter was sold to SAAB Helikopter AB in 1990 and was sold to Norway later the same year.
The helicopter was destroyed in an accident at Tuddal, Telemark (Norway), while preparing for a sling-load operation. The two occupants survived the accident, which was caused by the loss of engine power.
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