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Information about LN-OLL
Last update: 11 Apr 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 6424
Year: 1991
Last known operator:
LN-OLL was constructed by Aerospatiale in France back in 1991. It was registered G-BTUX on 12 September 1991 and put in to the off-shore business. G-BTUX was operated in UK until late-2003, when the Norwegian company Lufttransport AS purchased the helicopter from Canadian Helicopter Corporation (CHC) and brought it to Tromsø.

Earlier the same year, in July 2003, Lufttransport had won a contract that Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhus (UAS) had issued regarding their ambulance helicopter activity. Norrlandsflyg AB had been responsible for the activity from 1996, but their contract expired on the last day of September 2003 due to a time limit. Lufttransport was meant to enter service on 1 October but didn't have a machine ready in time. Instead they signed a contract with the former operator Norrlandsflyg to stay in service until Lufttransports new machine had arrived.
Two and a half month later the new helicopter, LN-OLL, was ready to leave Norway. It was flown from Tromsø to Stockholm, via Östersund, on 17 December. After a couple of days of EMS modifications carried out by Bromma Air Maintenance at Bromma Airport the helicopter was moved to its new base at Fyrislund Rescue Station in Uppsala. It entered service just before christmas.

LN-OLL stayed in service throughout the spring and summer before it was replaced as Lufttransport 993 by SE-JIA, a powerful N3 version of the Dauhpin, on 23 September 2004.

The aircraft returned to UK in early-2009. It was later exported to Canada.
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