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Information about HH-8 (SE-JAT)
Last update: 2 Jan 2016
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Aircraft Data
Reg: HH-8
S/N: 0374E
Year: 1989
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by McDonnell Douglas back in 1989. It was operated by a Finnish owner between 1988-1991, before it was purchased by SAAB Helikopter in Sweden (imported in November). It was sold to GLS Helicopter AB in Ronneby in August 1993.

The aircraft was temporary operated by Helifly in Norway for a period of time. It was also operated by Skåneflyg in southern Sweden.

SE-JAT was exported to Finland in 1999, purchased by the Finnish Army. It was operated in Finland for many years before it was withdrawn from service and converted to an instructional airframe.
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