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Information about HB-ZFR (SE-JRV)
Last update: 17 Nov 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1378
Year: 2004
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Eurocopter in early 2004. It spent its first 13 years in Switzerland, where it was owned and operated by Swift Copters SA.

The helicopter was purchased by a private owner in Stockholm in the late summer of 2017, and imported to Sweden shortly thereafter. The aircraft landed at Stockholms Helikoptertjänst's heliport in Länna on 24 August 2018.

The helicopter entered Stockholms Helikoptertjänst's fleet in late September 2017. It was the second EC120/H120 to enter SHT's fleet after SE-JRY.

The helicopter was used for a wide range of operations, including sling-load jobs, power line inspection, census operations, and so on. It was stationed at Länna Heliport in Stockholm.

SE-JRV was involved in an accident during a non-commercial flight at Länna Heliport on 11 July 2018. Nobody was injured in the accident, but the helicopter was severely damaged. The cause of the accident, which happened in the hover phase, is currently examined by the Swedish Accident Investigation Board (Statens Haverikommission, SHK).
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