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Information about G-MACE (SE-HNA)
Last update: 21 Jul 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0015E
Year: 1983
Last known operator:
This aircraft was one of the very first "E" models ever built (serial number 15). It was constructed by Hughes Helicopters in 1983, one year before Hughes was acquired by McDonnell Douglas.

The helicopter became the first E model in Sweden when it came here in the autumn of 1983. It was imported by the well known Hughes dealer SAAB-Scania AB.

The aircraft got the registration SE-HNA, but it only stayed in the country for one and a half years before it was exported to Hungary in 1985. The helicopter spent the next 21 years as HA-MSA before it was purchased by an owner in the UK (reg. G-MACE) in 2006.

Returning to Sweden
In Sweden, the established company Copterflyg AB expanded its line of business by adding helicopter sawing operations (power line cleansing) as a new segment in 2012. Copterflyg started off by utilizing a Finish Hughes 369, but that aircraft was soon replaced by G-MACE. The helicopter was leased from the UK company West Country Helicopters Ltd. G-MACE started to operate in Sweden under its UK registration in 2012.

Registered in Sweden
G-MACE got the Swedish registration SE-JNL in July 2013. It was still owned by West Country Helicopters Ltd and operated by Copterflyg.
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