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Information about C-FIOM (SE-JBK)
Last update: 27 Apr 2012
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 7106
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
D-HBCA, C-FIOM, 143106 (C AF), C-FIOM
Heliflyg AB partnered up with Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH in order to participate in Stockholm County's EMS helicopter trials in 1992. Six helicopter types were evaluated for EMS regional duties - one per month. Stockholm's County Council was very happy with the BK 117 and decided to use the aircraft for its medical operations. Some of the other helicopters used for the trials were: Agusta 109 (SE-HGM), MBB BO 105 (SE-HSG), Bell 412 (N412HP) and AS 365 (SE-JAE).

Heliflyg was appointed winner of the new attractive EMS helicopter contract in Stockholm in early-1993. The County Council had decided that they wanted two helicopters for the operation, including one BK 117. Heliflyg's first BK had to be returned to Canada, why they choosed to hire a second BK 117 from Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (D-HIMT) to fill the primary need. D-HIMT was eventually joined and replaced by SE-JBC and SE-JBG.
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