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15040 (152770)
Information about 15040 (152770)
Last update: 1 Sep 2016
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Aircraft Data
Reg: 15040
S/N: 13770
Year: 2008
Last known operator:
This naval HKP 15B was constructed at the AgustaWestland plant at Vergiate (Italy) in 2008, and was delivered to Sweden in September the same year. It was the last of all twenty Helicopter 15s delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces.

The helicopter was later re-registered from 15040 to 152770. It is one of twenty AW109s in service with the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing. Twelve of these are inland versions (HKP 15A) and the remaining eight are maritime versions (HKP 15B). The helicopters are stationed at the air bases in Linköping/Malmen and Ronneby/Kallinge.
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