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15024 (151754)
Information about 15024 (151754)
Last update: 1 Sep 2016
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Aircraft Data
Reg: 15024
S/N: 13754
Year: 2005
Last known operator:
This helicopter was the first HKP 15 to arrive in Sweden (but the second one to be officially handed over - following 15022).

The aircraft was constructed in 2005 and was transported by truck to Stockholm based Patria Helicopters, at Arlanda Airport, from AgustaWestland's Italian production plant at Vergiate, near Milan, in mid-September 2005.

The helicopter was re-assembled by the technicians at Patria Helicopter and put into active acceptance evaluations. It was initially named K-23, but that was swiftly changed to K-82. It was operated by AgustaWestland out of Arlanda Airport for several months. The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) assessed every inch of the aircraft and worked out the final production adjustments together with AgustaWestland's delivery team. Those adjustments were fine-tunings that were to be adapted in the upcoming production helicopters prior to the delivery.

The callsign of K-82 was changed to K-24 in early-2006 and the helicopter it was given the military registration 15024.

The first approved production HKP 15A, named K-22, was flown from the Italian production plant at Vergiate to its new home in Linköping by a Swedish crew in February of 2006. Despite having operated within the national borders of Sweden a longer time the evaluation helicopter, K-24, became the second one as the hand-over from AgustaWestland was commenced later than the delivery of K-22. The acceptance process took nearly five months and the machine was finally flown to its main base at Malmen Airport in Linköping in March of 2006.

The two delivered HKP 15As joined two provisional Italian Agusta 109E Power helicopters that had been operated by the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing from late-2002. Those were civil ones and the difference between them and the production machines was significant. The provisional machines, I-POWR and I-PAWR, were returned to AgustaWestland in mid-2006.

K-24 was later re-registered from 15024 to 151754. It is one of twenty AW109s in service with the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing. Twelve of these are inland versions (HKP 15A) and the remaining eight are maritime versions (HKP 15B). The helicopters are stationed at the air bases in Linköping/Malmen and Ronneby/Kallinge.
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