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Information about 144050
Last update: 5 Apr 2014
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Aircraft Data
Reg: 144050
S/N: 1091
Year: 2013
Last known operator:
This aircraft was one of the first IM versions of the HKP 14. It came to be used for initial pilot training and evaluation of the D model at the Eurocopter factory in France.

The first D model (144051) was handed over to the Swedish Armed Forces on 17 December 2013. The HKP 14D is a mission-ready "International Mission" version of the NH90 (TTT/IM). This is an all-weather helicopter with a completely new tactical system, and it features a deicing system, weather radar, digital maps, warning/countermeasure system, ballistic protection, laser rangefinder as well as electro-optical/infrared sensors.
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