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Information about 09415
Last update: 3 Mar 2013
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Aircraft Data
Reg: 09415
S/N: S-0731
Year: 1985
Last known operator:
This aircraft was one of four MBB BO 105 CBS-2s that were acquired by the Swedish Air Force as replacement for the aging Alouette IIs (HKP 2) in the mid-80s. The HKP 2s had been used for local rescue services (FRÄD), but the Alouette had a bad range, a limited cargo space and no nighttime rescue capacity. The Air Force ordered four BO 105s from the German manufacturer Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm in 1985, and the helicopters were delivered between November 1985 and July 1986.

The new local rescue helicopters were based next to the two big Swedish lakes Vänern and Vättern. Two helicopters (09413 and 09414) were stationed at the F6 Karlsborg Air Force Base and the other two (09415 and 09416) were initially stationed at the F7 Såtenäs Air Force Base.

The HKP 9B (not to be confused with the Army's 21 CB-3 models, the HKP 9A) had a standard crew of three - one pilot, one navigator/hoist operator and one conscript rescue swimmer. The helicopters featured one external rescue hoist, homing equipment and the (limited) space to carry up to two litters.

One of F7 Såtenäs’ HKP 9Bs was transferred to the F13 Bråvalla Air Force Base in Norrköping in mid-1991. The base had a HKP 9B until 1994.

On 14 November 1991 a HKP 9Bs belonging to F6 Karlsborg (09413) crashed on take-off from Töreboda due to a tail rotor mishap. The three occupants survived, but the wreck had to be salvaged by an Air Force Boeing-Vertol 107 (04456).

The three remaining HKP 9Bs were eventually assigned to F6 Karlsborg, but one remained stationed at the F13 base.

As both the F6 Karlsborg base and the F13 Bråvalla base was closed in 1994 it was decided that the three remaining HKP 9Bs were to leave the FRÄD system. They were retired in May 1994.

The helicopters were returned to MBB (which had become Eurocopter Deutschland), where they were refurbished and sold to new costumers. Two of them were actually purchased by the Finnish company Copterline and utilized as EMS helicopters (reg. OH-HKI and OH-HMS).
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