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Information about 01011
Last update: 14 Apr 2012
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Aircraft Data
Reg: 01011
S/N: 530
Year: 1958
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Pennsylvania based Vertol Aircraft Corporation back in 1958 and was delivered to New York Airways the same year. The helicopter was used for passenger transports in the city for nearly four years before it was traded in for the new twin-turbine engined Boeing-Vertol 107-11.
The aircraft remained stranded at the Vertol factory for two years before it was purchased by the Swedish Navy, together with its two sister machines. The Navy was already operating eight Vertol 44s (nine initially, but one crashed in 1960) and saw a need for a larger fleet.

The three ex-airways helicopters arrived to Stockholm in mid-1964 and were placed at Ostermans Aero’s maintenance facility at Bromma Airport together with two chopped up Vertol 44s that had been retired from the Air Force earlier the same year (01471 and 01472). Ostermans used three of the helicopters for spares and rebuilt the other of them to a flying condition.

This aircraft, number 11, entered service in May 1965 and it was stationed at the 1st Helicopter Division at the Berga Helicopter Base in Stockholm. It served as a rescue helicopter, a troop transporter and a submarine hunter. The machine was retired in December 1970, as the helicopter type was being replaced by a second batch of new Vertol 107s in the Navy. The last HKP 1 remaining (01009) made its final flight in November of 1972.
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