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Jämtlandsflyg to seize operations
14 February, 2019
[Östersund] Today Jämtlands Flyg announced on their Facebook page that they will seize operations as of mid-March. The 65 year old company says a highly competitive market with high demanding regulations unfortunately made them to make the hard decision to stop all operations. The company states that it is not a bankruptcy but a controlled closing of the company and that 12 employees will be affected.

Jämtlands Flyg is a remnant of the company Jämtlands Aero (1), which was founded by the legendary pioneer Gunnar 'Spökis' Andersson in 1954. The company started helicopter operations in 1962, and gradually sold off all their fixed wing aircraft. After Spökis lost his life in an accident in December 1974 his wife Dagmar took over the company.

In December 2007 Spökis' granddaughter Sara Grinde took over as CEO from mother Siw A. Grinde.

In January 2011 Jämtlands Flyg was awarded the honorable title Royal Warrant Holder (Kunglig Hovleverantör) by His Majesty The King. The label is appointed to an exclusive amount of purveyors to the Royal Court of Sweden.
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