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Headlines for 2018
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Weather cameras to help saving lives
25 March, 2018
[Gothenburg] The County of Västra Götaland (VGR) has started a project to install weather cameras at several different hospitals in the region in order to enhance flight safety and reduce the amount of cancelled flights due to lack of weather information available.

Norsk Luftambulanse (NLA) has used a nation-wide weather camera system for some years for its operations in Norway, and it has been very successful. Today, more than 60 cameras are installed in Norway and nearly 10 cameras are operational in Denmark.

In Norway, having weather cameras installed at some hospitals allows pilots to ensure that the cloud base, air pressure and visibility is good enough to perform GPS approaches, also knowns as Point In Space (PinS).

Together with Norsk Luftambulanse (NLA), VGR will be the first operator to test out the system in Sweden. VGR hope that more operators will follow the trend and that more weather cameras will be installed throughout the country
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Savback Heli and Rotortrade in new partnership
28 February, 2018
[Las Vegas] Rotortrade Services and Savback Helicopters are very happy to announce they are joining forces to better support customers in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Rotortrade is a leading international helicopter dealer and sole global distributor of Leonardo’s pre-owned helicopters with 6 offices across the world and Savback Helicopters headquartered in Sweden, is a respected brand whose reputation spans over 27 years in the aviation industry.

This partnership agreement will result in Savback Helicopters’ ability to offer even more choices and greater trade in options to its clients and for Rotortrade to further deepen its global distribution network in Northern and Eastern Europe.

“This relationship will undoubtedly grow through our shared idea of serving customers locally with better services and support from trusted entities. We believe our OEM Certified Pre-Owned program will positively transform the market says Philippe Lubrano, President of Rotortrade. The Rotortrade-Savback partnership is the next step of both companies in nurturing a more reliable and trustworthy marketplace based on integrity and transparency for the pre-owned market.”

About Savback Helicopters
Founded by CEO Michael Savback and headquartered in Hällestad, Sweden, Savback Helicopters is a leading pre-owned helicopter dealer. Through its outstanding reputation, 27 years of expertise and with over 700 aircrafts sold worldwide, Savback Helicopters has become a trusted name in the aviation industry. Due to Savback Helicopters extensive experience within the aviation industry, Savback Helicopters is able to provide expertise and solutions where needed.

About Rotortrade Services
Founded in 2012 in Singapore, Rotortrade Services is an independent helicopter dealer and sole global distributor of Leonardo’s pre-owned helicopters. Its extensive network throughout the spectrum of the industry enables it to carry a broad fleet of aircraft from all major manufacturers. The company’s comprehensive range of end-to-end services includes: pre-sales purchase inspection and evaluation, maintenance and retrofit management; and post-delivery: selected OEM warranty on airframes and engines. Led and privately owned by several industry veterans Rotortrade Services currently has offices in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal and Singapore as well as affiliations with exclusive network partners around the world.
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Kopter Group announces new order for 18 SH09 from Helitrans
28 February, 2018
[Las Vegas] Kopter Group (former Marenco) announced yesterday at the opening of Heli-Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the signature of a firm contract for twelve SH09 plus six options with Helitrans AS, one of Norway’s largest helicopter operators.

Richard Simonsen, Manager of Helitrans AS and Sales expert comments: “the unobstructed cabin and modern ergonomics of the SH09 will profit both our crew and most importantly our clients, while enabling us to aim for new markets and helicopter activities. The SH09 will perform perfectly in our environment. Together with Kopter Group, our technical teams will participate in the final stage of its development. We are looking forward to benefitting from the high performance of the helicopter but also to benefit from its lower cost of operations brought by modern technology and the right philosophy”.

Andreas Loewenstein, CEO of Kopter, adds: “We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with Helitrans AS and to strongly support their operations. With this order, Kopter reaches the key milestone of completing its Launch Customer portfolio. The teaming with most reputed helicopter operators for the operational introduction of our aircraft into multiple missions and environments will greatly benefit all future owners and operators of the SH09. This order equally allows to solidly increase our firm order book so as to ensure the production gear-up for the first 2-3 years.”
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First EMS AW169 launched in the Nordics
16 January, 2018
[Östersund] Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance (BSAA) is pleased to announce that it has launched the very first state-of-the-art AW169 helicopter in active Emergency Medical Service (EMS) duty in the Nordics. The helicopter is operated on behalf of Region Jämtland Härjedalen and it replaces the AS365N2 "Dauphin" that the company has operated in the region since 2006.
Shortly after 10:00 on Saturday, January 13, the new helicopter took off on its first mission assignment ever - a long-distance patient transport southwards. Later that afternoon, a very satisfied crew returned to Östersund after more than four hours in the air.
"It's a big and historic event for us and for the region to finally get airborne - in active duty - with the AW169," says company Production Manager Thure Waplan. "The launch has been preceded by a long period of customization and training to ensure the highest quality and safety right from the start, which means that we are very delighted to start our operations with such a capable helicopter."

The medical environment is greatly improved in this brand-new helicopter, while providing a host of customized solutions that are optimized for EMS. The list of advantages is long, but the most important ones include enhanced performance and improved safety. The sophisticated cockpit delivers better situational awareness while allowing more advanced flight automation.

The base in Östersund is the first of four Swedish EMS helicopter bases that will replace its existing helicopters with the Leonardo AW169s in 2018. Next in line are, Gällivare, Lycksele and the newly awarded base in Gothenburg. Simultaneously, work is also underway to replace the current helicopters at the company's base in Stockholm with two new Airbus H145 this spring.

"Overall, we are currently embarked on the most extensive upgrade of Sweden's EMS helicopter inventory ever", says Waplan. " We manage this task with great confidence and respect, and we are also very grateful for the trust we are given."

About the AW169
The Leonardo AW169 is a brand-new medium-sized helicopter that flew for the first time in 2012. It is equipped with two powerful Pratt & Whitney engines as well as the latest in avionics and flight safety features. In addition, it has a large and spacious cabin with large windows and a functional EMS interior, as well as a low floor to allow smooth patient transfer. The model is currently used in a wide range of operations worldwide, including EMS and rescue services, oil and gas, wind farm support, offshore pilot transfers, etc.

About BSAA
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance operates the EMS helicopters at six of nine bases in Sweden, as well as three of seven bases in Finland. In Sweden, the company has helicopters in Gällivare, Lycksele, Östersund, Uppsala, Stockholm and Visby, and from June also in Gothenburg. In Finland, the company has helicopters in Rovaniemi, Oulu and Kuopio.
In addition, the company has fixed-wing air ambulance aircraft in Luleå, Umeå, Arlanda and Landvetter, as well as offices in Östersund-Frösön, Stockholm-Arlanda and in Luleå. The Swedish airplane fleet is presently undergoing an extensive renewal process.

BSAA has recently been awarded the Norwegian air ambulance contract, which means that the company is currently setting up a Norwegian head office in Tromsø, placing a flight training simulator in Oslo, as well as establishing seven aircraft bases around Norway.
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