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Headlines for 2017
Disclaimer: Nordic Rotors has no intention in taking stand in any business related matters whatsoever. We do not publish any speculations, rumours or questionable facts. However, we can obviously not guarantee the absence of factual errors. The content shall not be used as a reference to business associated decisions, nor should it be used in articles or stories covering our subjects. If you find anything on this page that you find misleading or incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will be happy to correct it.
Marenco SKYe SH09 to Norway
18 May, 2017
[Norway/Switzerland] The Swiss manufacturer Marenco Swisshelicopter announces today the official signature of a Launch Customer contract with Norwegian Tronrud Engineering AS for a single-turbine SH09 helicopter. The aircraft will be based in the Eggemoen Aviation and Technology Park, 60 kilometers north-west of Oslo.

Tronrud Engineering AS will operate the helicopter as a utility and logistics vehicle that will support the development of the industrial park. The team at Marenco Swisshelicopter expresses great enthusiasm and pride over the fact that the SH09 helicopter has been selected for the purpose.

This will be the first SH09 helicopter in Scandinavia. The SKYe SH09 is a Swiss five-to-eight-seat, single-engine utility helicopter, designed and developed by Marenco Swisshelicopter. The aircraft made its first flight in October 2014 and two prototypes are currently being used for flight evaluations. Over 100 units have been ordered this far.
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Swedish pilots involved in helicopter accident
6 May, 2017
[High Wycombe] An AS 350 was involved in an accident today at Wycombe Air Park, located about 15 km west of London. According to local news media three pilots were onboard at the time of the accident. One of the pilots suffered life-threatening injuries and another suffered serious leg, chest, abdominal, head and shoulder injuries. The third occupant had less serious back injuries.

The cause of the accident is unclear but the Air Accidents Investigation Branch is sending a team to the scene of the crash to investigate.
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HeliAir is recruiting new pilots
17 April, 2017
[Västerås] HeliAir Sweden AB is recruiting new pilots for its helicopter operations. In addition to the regular flight duty, the company says that the position will include some ground based duties as a task specialist as well. Pilots with valid AS350 and/or EC120B ratings are favourable. The same applies to pilots who have a CE class driver's license. Latest application date: 28 April

Read more about the job at Nordic Rotors’ recruitment page.
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Good results for AS 350 Maximum Pilot Visibility Kit
13 April, 2017
[Sweden] In March Stockholms Helikoptertjänst became the first operator in Scandinavia to install Swiss Rotor Solution’s Maximum Pilot View Kit on one of its helicopters. The kit, which is designed provide unrestricted pilot view in vertical-reference sling-load operations, was installed on the company’s AS 350 B3 (SE-JRZ) at the main base in Stockholm, Sweden, by Swiss Rotor Solution’s own mobile team.

In total, this kit was the third one to be fitted to an airworthy helicopter worldwide, including the prototype, and it was followed by two installations for the Norwegian operator Nord Helikopter in mid-March.

The modification offers improved features to AS 350/H125 type helicopters in the utility sling-load role, including a 350 % enlarged floor window and a large bubble door, which improves safety, efficiency and pilot comfort – giving the helicopter a superior “Lama-like” field of view according to the manufacturer. The kit got its EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in December 2016, and it is currently undergoing validation processes with FAA, TCCA and ANAC.

Stockholms Helikoptertjänst has used its kit in its daily external load operations for several weeks now, and the company’s CEO states that it performed even better than expected – taking the AS 350 to a new level when it comes to high-precision sling-load operations.
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First Leonardo AW169 arrives in Sweden
10 April, 2017
[Östersund] This weekend Sweden’s first Leonardo AW169 arrived in Östersund. This aircraft is the first in a batch of four AW169s ordered by Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance for its HEMS operations in northern Sweden. The new helicopters will replace the current AS365 Dauphin helicopters in Gällivare, Östersund and Lycksele this year. The forth one will be used as a back-up aircraft.

These are the very first AW169s in the Nordic countries, but more helicopters are already expected. Norwegian Airlift will take delivery of three 169s for its marine pilot hoist transfer operations later this year.

The brand-new medium-sized twin engine AW169, developed by AgustaWestland prior to its name change, was certified by EASA in 2015 and by FAA in 2016. It made its first flight in 2012.
Approximately 50 AW169s have been constructed to date, and many of these are deployed in a wide range of applications worldwide, including HEMS, executive transport, offshore transport and wind farm support.
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Kallax Flyg is recruiting a new pilot to Norway
6 April, 2017
[Alta, Norway] Kallax Flyg AB is recruiting a pilot for its Norwegian subsidiary KallaxFlyg Norge AS in Alta. The company, which is one of the largest single-pilot single-engine helicopter operators in Scandinavia, says that it is expanding its operations and that a new pilot is needed. The pilot will be conducting a wide range of operations in northern Norway, and the person will also be engaged in marketing and sales during low seasons.

Some of the minimum requirements include:
• CPL(H) license
• Type rating (+ experience) on AS350/H125 and EC120/H120
• Minimum 1500 hrs helicopter time
• Experience in specialized ops and mountain flying
• Sling Load: HESLO-4 (minimum HESLO-2)
• Skills in precision mounting and underslung construction work
• Fluent in Norwegian and English, and proficient in Swedish
• Class B driver’s license

Read more about the job at Nordic Rotors’ recruitment page.
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New HEMS contract signed in Stockholm
27 March, 2017
[Stockholm] After years of appeal processes (and a revoked tender), the Stockholm County Council’s new contract for the region’s HEMS structure has just been sealed. Stockholm County has publicly announced that Babcock Scandiavian Air Ambulance, former Scandinavian Medicopter AB, has received the contract to operate the air ambulance service in the Stockholm region for the next five years, with an option for a two-year extension. The new contract calls for larger Airbus H145 helicopters to replace the current EC135s.

The county’s air ambulance unit, stationed in Gustavsberg – moments east of Stockholm, is a vital resource for reaching people in remote parts of the region, including the huge archipelago. According to Stockholm County, the service will been strengthened on several points by the implementation of the new contract:

• Larger helicopters with a spacious cabin, which will improve patient safety and provide a better working environment.
• Increased ability to allocate an additional daytime helicopter all year round. This is not a requirement, but an option for the supplier should the need arise.
• A road ambulance with the same staffing as in the helicopter will be in operation when the helicopter cannot be used, for example, due to weather conditions.
• Improved safety requirements for the helicopter and its equipment.
• Improved requirements on pilot experience.

The new contract means that Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance will continue to operate in Stockholm, a location that has been maintained by the company since 1996 through acquisition of Osterman Helicopter’s HEMS unit in 2001 and the transition to Scandinavian MediCopter from Lufttransport Svenska in 2008.

• A total of 2 550 missions were performed in 2015
• Approximately 80 percent of the missions were priority calls, with acute life-threatening symptoms
• Most missions were made in the Stockholm archipelago and in Norrtälje.
• The most common causes are injury/accident, chest pain and breathing difficulties.
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SLA is recruiting a new Maintenance Manager
5 March, 2017
[Karlstad] The Swedish helicopter emergency medical service operator Svensk Luftambulans (SLA) is recruiting a new Maintenance Manager for its helicopter operations. SLA is a HEMS federation that is operating the air ambulance services in Karlstad, Gothenburg and Mora. The company is shared by four affiliated councils - currently Värmland, Dalarna, Uppsala and the Västra Götaland Region. It operates brand new Airbus H145s in Karstad and Mora, and a Sikorsky S-76C+ in Gothenburg.

The new Maintenance Manager will work at Karlstad Airport, where SLA’s head office and maintenance base are located. The minimum requirements are:

• Practical experience in aviation maintenance.
• Very good knowledge in EASA Part-M and the 145 regulations.
• Familiarity with Part 21 and TSFS.
• At least 5 years’ relevant work experience, of which at least 2 years from the commercial aircraft maintenance sector, and a valid AML with B1.3 and B1.4 certificate, or an engineer examination. Alternatively 5 years’ experience in the commercial aircraft maintenance sector.
• Basic human factors training.
• Good computer skills.
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Good logistics understanding.
• Very good knowledge in Swedish (or another Scandinavian language).
• Good knowledge in English.
• Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability.
• Experience is required.

The selected applicant requires a formal approval from the Swedish Transport Agency.

Latest application date: 31 March 2017

Read more about the job at Nordic Rotors’ recruitment page.
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SAA is recruiting new HEMS pilots
21 February, 2017
[Sweden] The large Scandinavian EMS operator Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance is recruiting new pilots for its helicopter operations. The company, which is a subsidiary to Babcock International Group, has six helicopter bases in Sweden: Gällivare, Lycksele, Östersund, Uppsala, Stockholm and Visby; as well as three bases in Finland: Oulu, Rovaniemi and Varkaus. Adding to that, SAA operates several fixed-wing medical transport airplanes, stationed in Luleå, Umeå, Stockholm and Gothenburg. The company has rotary-wing fleet of AS365, EC135 and EC145/H145 helicopters. It is awaiting the delivery of several brand-new AW169s for its operations in Östersund, Lycksele and Gällivare this year.

The minimum requirements for co-pilots are:
• CPL(H) or ATPL(H);
• ATPL(H)-theory;
• Completed MCC course;
• IR/SP(H) or IR/MP(H);
• ≥ 1500 hours total time (helicopters);
• Valid Medical Class 1;
• At least LPR 5 in a Scandinavian language;
• Good proficiency in English (at least LPR 4).

Adding to that, some qualifying properties are:
• Extensive aerial work experience;
• Experience in winter- and mountain flying;
• Experience in multi-engine and multi-pilot systems;
• ≥ 20 night hours;
• NVIS experience.

For commanders, the minimum requirements are:
• CPL(H) or ATPL(H);
• ATPL(H)-theory;
• Completed MCC course;
• IR/ME/SP(H) eller IR/ME/MP(H);
• ≥ 3000 hours total time, of which at least 1500 hours in helicopters;
• ≥ 1000 hours PIC (helicopters);
• ≥ 20 night hours;
• Valid Medical Class 1;
• At least LPR 5 in a Scandinavian language;
• Good proficiency in English (at least LPR 4).

Additional requirements for commanders at multi-pilot HEMS bases:
• ≥ 350 hours as pilot in multi-pilot helicopter systems.

Qualifying properties for commanders:
• Extensive aerial work experience;
• Experience in winter- and mountain flying;
• Past experience in HEMS/SAR;
• NVIS experience.

Latest application date: 31 March 2017

Read more about the job at Nordic Rotors’ recruitment page.
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Tactic heli fire-fighting course held in Sweden
15 February, 2017
[Sweden] The Swedish company Kyllesjö Skog is arranging an exclusive course in helicopter fire-fighting tactics this spring. The two-day course will be held at two occasions – one near Skillingaryd in late-march and one in Sundsvall in early April. The event is hosted by instructors Wade Dupond, Air Attack Officer from Alberta, Canada, and Annie Johansson, Fire Behavior Analyst.

“The massive wildfire in Västmanland 2014 resulted in a wide range of lessons learned, but the need for coordinated training was a common denominator in the reports following the fire.” says Annie Johansson, organizer of the course. Annie was part of the fire-fighting coordination staff at the Västmanland fire.

The course “Safe and Efficient usage of helicopters” is arranged for Fire Officers and fire-fighting pilots. It covers subjects like Basic fire behavior knowledge, efficient coordination of air/ground units, Tactics/Strategies, Airspace Safety and Cost effectiveness.

The Last Date for Application Submission is 28 February. Course language: English.

Read more at Kyllesjö Skog’s website.
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Hässlö Aviation Assn. adds R44s for self-hire
11 February, 2017
[Västerås] Hässlö Aviation Association announces that it will start offering Robinson R44 helicopters for self-hire at Västerås Airport. The association has been focused in fixed-wings for the past 30+ years, but by supplementing its range of services it hopes to break new grounds. The two helicopters, SE-JMY and SE-JYK, are offered for self-hire to anyone with a helicopter license in partnership with Scandinavian Helicopter Center (SHC). The price is currently SEK 5.750 per flight hour, which equals approximately €606 Euro.
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YH resumes state-funded pilot training
9 February, 2017
[Gothenburg] Svensk Pilotutbildning (SPU) has been awarded an agreement with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education ("Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan") for training of 14 new helicopter pilots a year, until 2020, which in total means 28 positions funded by the Swedish Government.

The agency got a lot of attention for its January 2014 decision, where it decided to fund a total of 60 slots for new commercial helicopter pilots. The ground-breaking decision changed the helicopter training climate by adding an unprecedented number of simultaneous students. However, in 2016 the agency decided to discontinue with helicopter training for a period of time. The state-funded training will now resume, with little information regarding factual employment rate of the last 60 pilots.

After acceptance to the two-year 480-point higher vocational education programme, the pilots will gain a full ATPL(H)IR theory and a CPL(H) license with 135 flight hours. The Swedish Government will be funding the programme in order to safeguard the availability of qualified pilots for national parapublic and civil helicopter operations in the future.

Svensk Pilotutbildning conducts flight training with the Robinson R22 and R44 as well as with the Airbus Helicopters EC120.
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Pilot injured after bird-strike incident
4 February, 2017
[Sveg] A military pilot was injured following a serious bird-strike incident in the vicinity of Sveg at eight o’clock in the evening. The news channel SVT reports that the bird struck the helicopter and penetrated the windscreen, causing facial injuries to one of the two pilots.

The helicopter landed safely at Sveg Airport, and the pilot was transported to the hospital in Östersund.
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Prosecutor drops Maritime Administration Case
28 January, 2017
[Norrköping] After a 1½-year investigation, the prosecutor’s office has decided to drop the charges regarding alleged irregularities in connection with the purchase of seven new rescue helicopters. “The police have not found anything, and the prosecutor's office has now closed the case”, says Ulrika Ekström, Director of Communications at the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The commotion took off after the Swedish television show Uppdrag Granskning (“Assignment Investigate”) aired the first of two inspective programs on 29 April 2015, where it questioned some details in the one-billion-SEK public tender, implying that the deal could have been set up in advance. On 17th of June the police, led by the Prosecutor’s chamber of anti-corruption, did a raid at the headquarters of the Maritime Administration, and the investigation proceeded from then on.

In October 2012 the Swedish Maritime Administration signed an agreement with AgustaWestland SpA for the purchase of seven new AW139. The helicopters were delivered between September 2013 and May 2015, and the first AW139 was deployed in active SAR service in April 2014, replacing the current Sikorsky S-76C+/C++ helicopters.
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HeliAir adds multi-sensor Cineflex gyro
27 January, 2017
[Västerås] The large Swedish helicopter operator HeliAir Sweden has added a third Cineflex gyro camera to its range of imaging systems. The camera was handed over during a recent operational training at General Dynamics facilities in Grass Valley, California.

Compared to the Cineflex Elite and the V14, the multi sensor system has both an Optical Camera and an Infrared Camera for thermal images. The addition will enable infrared aerial surveys, like power line inspection, wildlife inventory, searching for missing people and looking for hot spots after forest fires.

HeliAir says that “as a sole operator of this system in Europe, we're unique to be able to offer this system to customers”. The company believes they can increase the flight safety whilst performing operations with the system, and that it will give the customers a better result.
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NORD Helikopter orders Maximum Pilot View Kit
17 January, 2017
[Ålesund] The large helicopter operator NORD Helikopter announced today that they have ordered two sets of the newly EASA certified Maximum Pilot View Kit from Swiss Rotor Solutions.

The first helicopter will be modified in March followed by the next one in June. This installation improves the view for the pilot by 10 times compared to the normal vertical-view window that is commonly used today.

NORD Helikopter states that it will start by testing the kit on two of its helicopters, and that those will mainly work on Statnett's power line construction work in Norway.
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EHC chooses to focus in training only
12 January, 2017
[Sandefjord] The Norwegian flight school European Helicopter Center announces that it will cancel its commercial flight operations branch during the spring of 2017. The company has decided to focus solely on its core business – the flight training operations.

At the same time, the company Pegasus Helicopter will purchase EHC’s two AS350 helicopter. Pegasus has bases at Oslo-Gardermoen and Stavanger-Sola, and they will now enhance its coverage by the addition of a base at Sandefjord Lufthavn in Torp.

“We see that the demand for helicopter pilots is great, both in Norway and elsewhere in Europe. We can now focus 100% on our academy and, in the future, educate even more pilots to both the Norwegian and international market. We are pleased that Pegasus has taken over our operating business”, says CEO Christina Williams Søiland.
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CHC to close Bergen base
12 January, 2017
[Bergen] In February last year Bristow won a contract worth 1 billion NKR from Statoil for the offshore flights out from Florø and Flesland, pushing away the current operator CHC Helikopter Service.

Announced today by local newspapers in Bergen CHC Helikopter Service will close their base in Bergen on the same day as Bristow is taking over the contract, which will be on 1st of May this year.

As an effect of this 100 employees will lose their jobs even though a few administrative functions will be moved to the base in Stavanger.

"Many of the staff here in town will be offered jobs at other bases, but it will again lead to employees at other bases lose their jobs as this is governed by seniority. In total there are approximately 100 jobs lost in the company", says the Regional Director Arne Roland.
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Helipad dog walk resulted in police report
10 January, 2017
[Karlskrona] The newspaper Sydöstran reports that a man was caught trespassing the helipad at Karlskrona Hospital, “Blekingesjukhuset” on Christmas Eve. The man was reportedly walking his dog within the closed-off helipad perimeters at the same time as a helicopter was idling on the pad. The man refused to leave the area, which forced the crew to escort him from the property. He was later reported to the police for trespassing.
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