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Headlines for 2009
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Final report of Katrineholm accident revealed
17 December, 2009
[Stockholm/Katrineholm] The Swedish Accident Investigation Board has released the final report after the fatal 2006 accident with a Robinson R44 Astro north of Katrineholm. The helicopter (SE-JGX) was on a routine ferry flight to a worksite on 30 October 2006 when it suddenly crashed without any mayday call. The sole occupant onboard, a 49 years old 13.000+ hrs commercial pilot, lost his life in the accident.

The board considers it likely that an engine failure - possibly caused by icing in the carburetor – forced the pilot to commence an autorotation and turn toward a designated site for an emergency landing. However, in the final stage of events the autorotation failed and the helicopter crashed to the ground at a steep angle, with a hard crash and a post-impact fire as the result. The board states that medical factors may have been a contributing factor to why the autorotation could not be completed in a successful manner.

This sequence of events is considered the most likely, but the evidences available have not proved sufficient enough to provide a safe analysis of causes in the investigation. The Accident Investigation Board left no recommendations.
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Nordenfjeldske acquires Osterman Helicopter
2 November, 2009
[Gothenburg/Trondheim] Nordenfjeldske Luftfart AS (NFL) has acquired all the stocks in Osterman Helicopter i Göteborg AB today. NFL owns the large Norwegian companies Helitrans AS and Helikopterdrift AS, and states that the acquisition of Osterman is a part of a strategy for NFL to become a significant actor in the Scandinavian aviation industry. NFL sees valuable synergies in the cooperation between the companies in various matters, e.g. in development of aircraft/pilots for new projects, as well as in maintenance and marketing.

The company, which is a subsidiary to Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab AS, expects a joint revenue of approx 200 million NOK this year. The CEO of Helitrans, Ketil S. Jansen, will take the role as CEO of NFL from 1st of November 2009. The main focus of NLF will be to further strengthen its position as one of the largest provider of helicopter transportation services in Scandinavia. The group has activities like power line construction, power line inspection, sling load operations, personnel transport, monitoring missions and fauna control.
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Stolen helicopter robs cash depot in Stockholm
23 September, 2009
[Stockholm] At 05:20 this morning a stolen Bell 206 Jet Ranger was involved in a robbery a few kilometers southwest of downtown Stockholm. The helicopter landed on the roof of the G4S Cash Depot and inserted a gang of armed robbers that forced themselves through the ceiling of the building. 30 minutes later the helicopter picked up the robbers and flew off, leaving the police behind. The helicopter, which has been identified as SE-HON, was found in a forest north of Stockholm shortly after 08:00 in the morning, with no signs of the perpetrators.

It is, at this moment, not clear how much money that was stolen in the helicopter heist. The Swedish Police Wing's own helicopters were unable to take off due to two suspicious bags that had been placed outside the hangar at the regional police heliport in Värmdö/Myttinge.
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