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Nordic Rotors is a semi-wiki website where anybody can add, improve,
complete or update a large part of the content. All changes will be validated by us
before they get published, ensuring reliability and security in the stuff that goes online.

Search for whatever you want Nordic Rotors has a huge database with plenty of interesting stuff, including a large regional photo gallery and data on every single helicopter that has been registered in the country since 1946! Be creative in your searches, and find anything you want! Here are some interesting keywords to get you started:

Upload your own images Share your impressions and experiences by uploading images to the website. We have a neat upload page that guides you through the process. Let us see what you have, and keep people updated on what is going on in the region.
Edit information Yes, that's right! It's a semi-wiki website and you have the full authority to edit the most of what you see at the site. Maybe you want to share something new, edit existing information or correct confusing details. Just press "edit this page" to get started.
Suggest new registrations or companies Nobody can know all about everything, but together with you we can! Are you missing anything on the site? A company, a newly registered helicopter or a fleet change, click on the "suggest" links in the main menu or the "edit" buttons on the company pages to get it sorted out.
Make your contribution The site is like an endless puzzle, and you might have a key part! Don’t sit quiet – update the information you find outdated and send us images to complete the register. Thanks to you the site has become a unique regional helicopter resource – far more comprehensive and up to date than anything else out there.
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