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Important notice!
If you want to hire a helicopter company, make sure that the one you choose has a valid approval issued by the Transport Agency.

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Make sure that the company you choose has a valid approval for the job you request.

Air taxi / Scenic flights
Commercial air transports require a valid JAR-OPS 3 / EASA OPS Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company will also need an Operating License (OL) if the flight is going to be other than local. The Swedish Transport Agency has online lists of valid OLs (click here and here).

Aerial works
Pure aerial works companies do not need the approvals mentioned above - they can operate with a national aerial work permit (LFS 2007:49). All valid aerial work permits are found here.
Latest helicopter for sale:
Derived from:
AB Aero Service
Originated to:
Patria Helicopters
Main activites:
Air Taxi
Agricultural Work
Air Ambulance
External Load
Flight Training
Forest/Animal Census
Power Line Inspection
Reindeer Mustering
Shuttle Traffic
Main location(s):
Barkarby Airport
Bromma Airport
Helicopter type(s):
Agusta 109A Hirundo
Agusta Bell 204B
Agusta Bell 205A-1
Agusta Bell 206A Jet Ranger
Agusta Bell 206A/B Jet Ranger
Agusta Bell 206B Jet Ranger II
Agusta Bell 206B Jet Ranger III
Agusta Bell 47G
Agusta Bell 47G-2
Agusta Bell 47G-2A
Agusta Bell 47G-3
Agusta Bell 47G-3B-1 Trooper
Agusta Bell 47G-4
Agusta Bell 47G/G-2
Agusta Bell 47J Ranger
Agusta Bell 47J-2 Ranger
Agusta Bell 47J-2/-2A Ranger
Bell 204B
Bell 206B Jet Ranger II
Bell 206B Jet Ranger III
Bell 206L Long Ranger
Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger
Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II
Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger
Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger III
Bell 212
Bell 222U
Bell 222UT
Bell 412
Bell 412 SP
Bell 47B
Bell 47B-3/D/D-1
Bell 47B/D-1
Bell 47D-1
Bell 47G
Bell 47G-2
Bell 47G-3
Bell 47G-3B
Bell 47G-3B-2 Trooper
Bell 47G-4
Bell 47G-5
Bell 47H-1
Bell 47J Ranger
Enstrom 280C Shark
Enstrom F-280C Shark
Enstrom F-28A
Enstrom F-28C
Hiller UH-12E Raven
Hughes 369C
Robinson R22 Standard
Sikorsky S-55
Previous type(s):
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Ostermans Aero (retired)
Ostermans Aero was the first commercial helicopter operator outside the US, and a true pioneer in Sweden. It. It was involved in the introduction of helicopters in the Swedish (and Norwegian) military, the Swedish National Police, the ambulance segment, the postal service, the shuttle traffic, and so on. The company was an active operator between 1947-1991.

HistoryOstermans Aero AB (OAAB) was established as 'AB Aero Service' by Lennart Osterman back in 1943. The reason for choosing this name was that Lennart, who was a nephew to the legendary car king Hans Osterman, wanted to avoid competition from other car companies by disguising the fact that Osterman was entering the aviation business. The company was successful and expanded rapidly as the need for airplanes and flight services was huge after World War II.

AB Aero Service changed name to Ostermans Aero in October 1946.

First helicopter, first operatorThe company obtained the exclusive sales agency for Bell Aircraft Corporation in Scandinavia and Finland by purchasing three Bell 47s in mid-1946. Ostermans Aero became the first customer on the Bell 47 outside the US. The first of the three helicopters (s/n 10) came to Sweden only eight moths after the type got its air-worthiness certification. Ostermans made history by becoming the very first commercial helicopter operator outside the US.

Ostermans' first helicopter, SE-AZT (later SE-HAA), made its premiere flight at Bromma Airport on February 14, 1947. It made its first public appearance at the National Maritime Museum in Stockholm on February 20, 1947.

The company made history by performing the third indoor flight in the world (Jun 18, 1947), the first ambulance transport by helicopter in Europe (Jan 14, 1948) and the first postal flight (Feb 10, 1948). It expanded throughout the country and worked for the incorporation of helicopter operations in various segments in the society.

Starting from 1951 Ostermans initiated a close partnership with the Swedish Armed Forces, and provided both helicopters and pilot training. Later on, the company did the assembly work on the Vertol 44 and Vertol 107 for the Swedish Navy and Swedish Air Force. It was also responsible for the acquisition of the military's Agusta Bell 204 and AB 206 (later on even the AB 412).

Ostermans obtained the exclusive agency for the Italian manufacturer C.A.G. Agusta SpA in 1955.

The company held foreign operations in India, Iraq, Iran, Nepal, Liberia, Rhodesia and Greenland.

It helped starting the Swedish National Police’s helicopter business in 1964, both financially and operationally.

The company transferred its ambulance activities in Gällivare, Kiruna and Storuman to Lapplandsflyg in 1963. The activity in Östersund was reassigned to Jämtlands Aero and the activity in Sälen was later transferred to AB Helikoptertjänst. The transfer was a result of Ostermans' ambition to stay out of operational competition with its own helicopter costumers.

In 1977 Ostermans Aero gained the sales agency for Enstrom Helicopter Corporation in Scandinavia, except for Sweden. The Swedish agency was held by Roslagens Helikopterflyg in Rimbo.

Ostermans initiated a shuttle route between Malmö and Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen) with a new Agusta 109 in mid-1978. This route had been trafficked with one of the company's S-55s back in 1955. The activity was transferred to Euro Air in 1981. The activity in Gothenburg was reassigned to Osterman Helicopter the same year. Osterman Helicopter was a totally separate company.

Ostermans Aero operated a shuttle route between Södertälje and Arlanda Airport in 1988, utilizing a Bell 222. The operation was closed due to lack of engagement from the municipality’s representatives.

Ostermans' last operational base – Stockholm – was transferred to Osterman Helicopter in October 1991. Ostermans Aero had finally decided to focus wholehearted in the sales and maintenance business. The book 'Ostermans Aero AB' (by Göran Wallert, publ. 2000, ISBN 91-631-0364-8) states that the company flew roughly 150.000 hours throughout the years (1947-1991).

AfterlifeThe company was sold to the Finnish Patria Finavitec OY in March 1999. It was given the new name Patria Ostermans Aero. The name was changed to Patria Helicopters in 2004.

In 2003 Patria acquired the Gothenburg company Heli-Support Sweden AB, making Patria a Eurocopter Service Center.

The company has extensive maintenance contracts with governments and civil operators from all over the world. It is capable to perform heavy maintenance and complex repairs, including structural airframe jig works.

In the early-10s Patria Helicopters quit its Bell sales agency in favor for a private company.

Maintenance basesOstermans Aero's first major helicopter maintenance base was stationed in Södertälje (Stockholm). It was moved to Bromma Airport in 1962, and stayed there for 12 years. It moved to Barkarby Airport between 20 December 1974 and 3 January 1975. The maintenance station was eventually moved to a brand new facility next to Runway 08/26 at Arlanda Airport in 1997.
Last update: 2 Mar, 2018
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