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If you want to hire a helicopter company, make sure that the one you choose has a valid approval issued by the Transport Agency.

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Make sure that the company you choose has a valid approval for the job you request.

Air taxi / Scenic flights
Commercial air transports require a valid JAR-OPS 3 / EASA OPS Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company will also need an Operating License (OL) if the flight is going to be other than local. The Swedish Transport Agency has online lists of valid OLs (click here and here).

Aerial works
Pure aerial works companies do not need the approvals mentioned above - they can operate with a national aerial work permit (LFS 2007:49). All valid aerial work permits are found here.
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Originated to:
Main activites:
Search & Rescue
Main location(s):
Norrtälje (SAR)
Ronneby (SAR)
Skellefteå (SAR)
Visby (SAR)
Helicopter type(s):
Aérospatiale AS 350 B Ecureuil
Aérospatiale AS 350 B1 Ecureuil
Aérospatiale AS 350 B2 Ecureuil
Aérospatiale AS 355 F2 Ecureuil 2
Aérospatiale SA 360C Dauphin
Agusta Bell 204B
Agusta Bell 206A Jet Ranger
Agusta Bell 206B Jet Ranger II
Agusta Bell 47G/G-2
Bell 204B
Bell 47J Ranger
Eurocopter AS 350 B2 Ecureuil
Eurocopter AS 350 B3 Ecureuil
Sikorsky S-55T
Sikorsky S-76A
Sikorsky S-76A++
Sikorsky S-76C
Sikorsky S-76C+
Sikorsky S-76C++
Previous type(s):
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Norrlandsflyg (retired)
Norrlandsflyg was a genuine old helicopter company with its roots in northern Sweden. In 50 years the company transferred from a utility company to a highly sophisticated rescue helicopter operator with bases all over Sweden.

Norrlandsflyg operated a large fleet of Sikorsky S-76 helicopters in SAR and EMS services when it was acquired by the Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) in 2011. The company was transferred into a new state-owned national helicopter operator and given the name SMA Helicopter Rescue.
The air ambulance segment was separated from SMA as a private branch, named Norrlandsflyg Ambulans.

HistoryNorrlandsflyg was established by the legendary pilot Knut 'Knutte' Hedström as AB Fjällflyg in Gällivare back in 1961. He began with fixed-wing operations in the wilderness but soon began with helicopter operations. The company eventually changed name to Norrlandsflyg.

In 1970 Norrlandsflyg obtained its first EMS contract, issued by the National Police. The deal, which covered Norrbotten and Västerbotten, meant that Norrlandsflyg held all its helicopters available to depart for sudden medical calls from their every-day flight operations throughout the mountain world.

In 1981 Norrlandsflyg purchased a SA 360C Dauphin. The helicopter became the most advanced EMS helicopter in the country at its time, and it was very popular at the local hospital.

In 1991 Norrlandsflyg obtained an EMS contract with Norrbotten’s County Council, which had obtained the responsibility for air ambulances from the National Police.

In 1993 Norrlandsflyg bought its first Sikorsky S-76, which was put in service as EMS helicopter in Norrbotten.

In 1996 Norrlandsflyg obtained a contract with Uppsala University Hospital for EMS and inter-hospital transports with a Sikorsky S-76.

In 2002 the company was awarded the two first civil Search and Rescue contracts in Sweden. Norrlandsflyg placed one Sikorsky S-76 in Sundsvall and one in Visby. In the same year the company obtained an EMS contract in Gothenburg – the first one after the police had cancelled its EMS operations in the region.

In 2004 Norrlandsflyg sold its utility work section to Kallax Flyg in order to focus fully in the EMS and SAR business. The deal included four machines and a number of bases in the mountain world.

Between the years 2006-2007 the company was awarded SAR contracts at the last three military bases - Stockholm, Gothenburg and Ronneby.

In 2008 Knutte and his wife Monica Hedström sold a majority of Norrlandsflyg to Scandinavian Helicopter Invest (SHI). The main office in Gällivare was moved to Gothenburg, and the maintenance base soon followed.

In February 2008 Norrlandsflyg signed a delivery position agreement with Sikorsky Aircraft Corp for eight brand new Sikorsky S-76D SAR helicopters. The aircraft version had not yet made its first flight, but it was considered a suitable replacement to the current fleet of S-76C/C+.
The deal was later canceled, but a few years later (in 2012) the Swedish Maritime Administration ordered seven AgustaWestland AW139s for its national SAR duties.

In 2010 Norrlandsflyg lost the EMS contract in Norrbotten/Gällivare. The company left the town, and its former main base, in December the same year.

On 26 October 2011 the Swedish Parliament approved the Swedish Maritime Administration's request to purchase Norrlandsflyg in order to ensure an available nationwide search and rescue service, both financially and operationally.

On 1 November the Swedish Maritime Administration acquired all the stocks in Norrlandsflyg's parent company Scandinavian Helicopter Invest (SHI). The new helicopter division was named SMA Helicopter Rescue, which became a
subsidiary to Sjöfartsverket Holding (administered by the Swedish Maritime Administration).

As a consequence of the state owned SMA Helicopter Rescue's full focus in search and rescue operations the private company Norrlandsflyg Ambulans took over the air ambulance service on 1 November 2011. The EMS service consisted of one station (Gothenburg).

From late-2011 the remaining parts of Norrlandsflyg had been transformed into SMA Helicopter Rescue.
Last update: 18 Sep, 2013
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