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Important notice!
If you want to hire a helicopter company, make sure that the one you choose has a valid approval issued by the Transport Agency.

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Make sure that the company you choose has a valid approval for the job you request.

Air taxi / Scenic flights
Commercial air transports require a valid JAR-OPS 3 / EASA OPS Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company will also need an Operating License (OL) if the flight is going to be other than local. The Swedish Transport Agency has online lists of valid OLs (click here and here).

Aerial works
Pure aerial works companies do not need the approvals mentioned above - they can operate with a national aerial work permit (LFS 2007:49). All valid aerial work permits are found here.
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Air Taxi
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Search & Rescue
Shuttle Traffic
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Vagar (SAR & HEMS)
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Nordic Rotors does not guarantee the up-to-date validity of the information published on this page. The content shall not be used as a reference to business associated decisions, nor should it be used in articles or stories covering the company. Please consult the company personally for current information.
Atlantic Airways
Atlantic Airways is an international company whose corporate culture is characterised by its focus on safety, punctuality, customer satisfaction and obtaining the best results. Around 180 people are currently employed by the Faroese national airline which is based in Sørvágur. (2017)

Atlantic Airways has three aircraft and two helicopters under its wing. The aircraft provide regular air service from the Faroe Islands to a range of Danish cities and the neighbouring countries Scotland, Iceland and Norway. During the summer, the aircraft fly south to provide air service to the ‘Sun Routes’ in addition to the air service #SÓLUMVETURIN during the winter months to the Canary Islands.

The company’s activities abroad include chartering, and part of the revenue is generated outside of the Faroe Islands. The helicopter department provides scheduled air service between to the outer islands, search and rescue services and off-shore flights in the North Atlantic.
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Last update: 4 Jul, 2020
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