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Important notice!
If you want to hire a helicopter company, make sure that the one you choose has a valid approval issued by the Transport Agency.

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Make sure that the company you choose has a valid approval for the job you request.

Air taxi / Scenic flights
Commercial air transports require a valid JAR-OPS 3 / EASA OPS Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company will also need an Operating License (OL) if the flight is going to be other than local. The Swedish Transport Agency has online lists of valid OLs (click here and here).

Aerial works
Pure aerial works companies do not need the approvals mentioned above - they can operate with a national aerial work permit (LFS 2007:49). All valid aerial work permits are found here.
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Derived from:
Main activites:
Air Taxi
External Load
Forest/Animal Census
Power Line Inspection
Reindeer Mustering
Shuttle Traffic
Main location(s):
Laisholm (Tärnaby)
Helicopter type(s):
Agusta Bell 206B Jet Ranger III
Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II
McDonnell Douglas 369E
Robinson R44 Raven II
Schweizer 269C
Previous type(s):
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Arctic Air
Arctic Air is a well experienced company with its heart in the
idyllic Vuoggatjålme tourism station west of Arjeplog, right on the Arctic Circle. The company operates in large parts of Sweden through its partner companies, but it has its main activity in the Swedish and Norwegian mountain world, where it focuses in tourism, shuttle traffic and various aerial work operations.

Arctic Air maintains the shuttle routes between Kvikkjokk-Stáloluokta and Hemavan-Ammarnäs each summer.

The company is engaged in a partnership with Norrhelikopter, which is subordinated as a separate division in Vilhelmina, Klimpfjäll and Grillby. Norrhelikopter is focused in a wide range of operations - including sling-load operations, tourism and reindeer mustering. It is also conducting a substantial amount of power line inspection flights in southern Sweden.

Arctic Air's Hemavan-Tärnaby division is operated in partnership with the sales company TopHeli i Hemavan AB.
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History Arctic Air started as HB Fjällfrakt (later Fjällfrakt i Arjeplog) back in 1977. It was initially targeting various segments of transportation in the mountain world (including helicopters and seaplanes), but in 1989 the company changed name to Arctic Air and focused wholehearted in the helicopter operation.

In April of 2011 Norrhelikopter teamed up with Arctic Air to form a subbranch of the company. Norrhelikopter had just been established by the previous co-owners of Flygtjänst o Helikoptertransport. It was incorporated as a separate division of Arctic Air, with bases in Vilhelmina, Klimpfjäll and Grillby.

The fleet grew rapidly through the integration of Norrhelikopter - two Schweizer 300s, two MD500s and a Long Ranger were added to the fleet within a year.

In April 2012 Arctic Air added a Long Ranger (SE-JOA) to support its Vuoggatjålme Jet Ranger (SE-HKK).

Later the same spring Arctic Air purchased Lapplandsflyg's operation in Kvikkjokk, including its hangar. Arctic Air inherited the shuttle route between Kvikkjokk-Staloluokta-Ritsem and the local operations in the region. The deal was a result of Lapplandsflyg's retirement in the spring of 2012.

Arctic Air opened a winter base at Sälen Ski Resort in February 2015. It added a new Long Ranger (SE-HTR) to its fleet the same month.

Arctic Air opened a partnership with the sales company TopHeli in April 2015. TopHeli took over Jämtlands Flyg's former base in Laisholm, between Hemavan and Tärnaby, and started off by using a Long Ranger (SE-HTR) and a Robinson R44 (SE-JJE). The company took over the shuttle route between Hemavan and Ammarnäs, which was originally maintained by Lapplandsflyg and later Jämtlands Flyg.

In 2016, Fiskflyg acquired Arctic Air's activities and facilities in Kvikkjokk.
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