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Skyline Helikopter
This form is for editing info about Skyline Helikopter.
Please read these following words first:
  • This is no place for rumors - stick to the facts or let it be.
  • Don't bother trying to add false information here. Every change is carefully evaluated by our team of validators before it has a chance to show up at the website.
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Key features
Edit company name, when it was established and if it's still active.
Please mark the current company status:
Active     Retired
Main activities
Define which main activities the company is specialized in.
Air Taxi
Agricultural Work
Air Ambulance
External Load
Filming (fixed mounts)
Flight Training
Forest/Animal Inventory
Power Line Inspection
Reindeer Mustering
Shuttle (fixed routes)
Search and Rescue
Mark which permits/licenses the company has. Not sure? Skip it!
National "bruksflygstillstånd" - aerial works
JAR-OPS 3 operations - allowed to carry passengers
Registrerad Flygskola (RF) - PPL(H) training only
Flight Training Organisation (FTO)
Private License, PPL(H)
Commercial License, CPL(H)
Instrument Rating, IR(H)
Flight Instructor Rating, FI(H)
Main location(s)
Add, change info or delete locations of the company's bases.
 Place: Karlstad
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Idre
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Lycksele
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Old Karlstad Airport
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Trollhättan
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Älvdalen
 Main base HEMS SAR
+ add a new location
 Main base HEMS SAR
N     E
Helicopter fleet
Add helicopters or change the status of machines in the fleet.
Registration: SE-HCR Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HEY Hughes 369HS
Registration: SE-HFE Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HLI Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HMO Bell 206L Long Ranger
Registration: SE-HNB Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNL Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HNT Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HOP Bell 206L Long Ranger
Registration: SE-HRZ Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HSH Bell 206L Long Ranger
Registration: SE-HSI Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HSV Bell 206L Long Ranger
Registration: SE-HVA Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HVT Bell 205A-1
Registration: SE-JFG Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III
Registration: SE-JHR MBB BO 105 CBS-4
Registration: SE-JJK Bell UH-1H Huey (Bell 205)
+ add a new reg
+ add a new reg
Company presentation
Edit the text that is written about the company.
Company history
Edit the text that is written about the company's history.
Upload a new logo to replace the old one.
Current logo:

Photos of the fleet
The photos are automatically picked from the image gallery
All photos are uploaded through the photo upload page.
The images displayed at the company page are automatically picked from the gallery, choosing the latest available photo of each registration in the fleet.

Official website
Change or add the adress to the company's official website.
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