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SAAB Helikopter
This form is for editing info about SAAB Helikopter.
Please read these following words first:
  • This is no place for rumors - stick to the facts or let it be.
  • Don't bother trying to add false information here. Every change is carefully evaluated by our team of validators before it has a chance to show up at the website.
  • Don't try to mess it up for your compeditors. We will notice and you will be banned from the edit pages.
  • Have fun and spread your knowledge!
Key features
Edit company name, when it was established and if it's still active.
Please mark the current company status:
Active     Retired
Main activities
Define which main activities the company is specialized in.
Air Taxi
Agricultural Work
Air Ambulance
External Load
Filming (fixed mounts)
Flight Training
Forest/Animal Inventory
Power Line Inspection
Reindeer Mustering
Shuttle (fixed routes)
Search and Rescue
Mark which permits/licenses the company has. Not sure? Skip it!
National "bruksflygstillstånd" - aerial works
JAR-OPS 3 operations - allowed to carry passengers
Registrerad Flygskola (RF) - PPL(H) training only
Flight Training Organisation (FTO)
Private License, PPL(H)
Commercial License, CPL(H)
Instrument Rating, IR(H)
Flight Instructor Rating, FI(H)
Main location(s)
Add, change info or delete locations of the company's bases.
 Place: Nyköping
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Linköping
 Main base HEMS SAR
 Place: Norrköping
 Main base HEMS SAR
+ add a new location
 Main base HEMS SAR
N     E
Helicopter fleet
Add helicopters or change the status of machines in the fleet.
Registration: SE-HCK Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCM Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCN Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCO Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCR Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCT Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HCZ Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HDA Sud SE.3130 Alouette II
Registration: SE-HDC Sud SE.3160 Alouette III
Registration: SE-HDH Sud SE.3160 Alouette III
Registration: SE-HDL Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HDN Sud SE.3130 Alouette II
Registration: SE-HDO Hughes 269A
Registration: SE-HDT Hughes 269A
Registration: SE-HDU Hughes 369HE
Registration: SE-HDW Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HDX Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFA Hughes 369HS
Registration: SE-HFD Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFE Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFF Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFG Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFH Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFI Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFK Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFN Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFO Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFP Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HFR Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HFT Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HHB Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HHD Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HHE Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HHH Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HHI Hughes 269B
Registration: SE-HHR Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HHX Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HIN Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HIR Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HIS Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HIV Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HIX Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HKB Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HKF Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HKT Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HKV Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HKY Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HKZ Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLA Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HLC Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLF Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLG Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLH Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLI Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HLM Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLN Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLO Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLP Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HLR Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HLU Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HLV Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMA Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMB Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HMF Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMG Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMI Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMN Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HMU Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HMY Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNA Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HND Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNH Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNK Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNT Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HNV Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HNX Hughes 269C
Registration: SE-HNY Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HNZ Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HRB Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HRH Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HRI Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HRK Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-HRP Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HSK Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HSN McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-HSR Hughes 369E
Registration: SE-HST Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HSU Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HTM McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-HTO Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HTU Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HTZ Hughes 369C
Registration: SE-HUP Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HUY Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HVR Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HVS Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HVU Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-HVY Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-JAD McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JAH Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JAI Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JAM McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JAP Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JAR McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JAS Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JAT McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JAV Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JAY Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JBA McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JBF McDonnell Douglas 520N
Registration: SE-JBJ Schweizer 330SP (269D)
Registration: SE-JBV McDonnell Douglas 369E
Registration: SE-JCG McDonnell Douglas 900 Explorer
Registration: SE-JCH Hughes 369D
Registration: SE-JCZ Schweizer 269C
Registration: SE-JGS Schweizer 333 (269D)
+ add a new reg
+ add a new reg
Company presentation
Edit the text that is written about the company.
Company history
Edit the text that is written about the company's history.
Upload a new logo to replace the old one.
Current logo:

Photos of the fleet
The photos are automatically picked from the image gallery
All photos are uploaded through the photo upload page.
The images displayed at the company page are automatically picked from the gallery, choosing the latest available photo of each registration in the fleet.

Official website
Change or add the adress to the company's official website.
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