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  • Flight training in the sun by Nordic Rotors
    Flight training in the sun by Nordic Rotors
    Flight training in the sun by Nordic Rotors
    Flight training in the sun by Nordic Rotors
    Flight training in the sun by Nordic Rotors
Tired of the dull Scandinavian weather as winter is coming? Why not take a vacation and combine it with some flight training. Sloane Helicopters offers flight instruction and hour building in Mallorca, only 3-4 hours by plane from Scandinavia.
Located in the western Mediterranean Sea, some 180 km off the coast of Spain, Mallorca provides a warm climate and clear skies all year round. The island capital, Palma, has some 400.000 residents, and it is located in the western part of the 100 km wide island.
© Sloane Mallorca© Sloane Mallorca
Sloane Helicopters Mallorca has been operating in Mallorca and the Balearics Islands for over 20 years. The Mallorca station is located at the general aviation Son Bonet aerodrome in Palma city, and it works as a satellite base to the UK operator Sloane Helicopters Ltd. Sloane Helicopters is a renowned helicopter operator, training organisation, service centre and sales establishment at Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton, approximately 120 km northwest of London.

The Mallorca department is a fully EASA Approved Training Organisation © Sloane Mallorca© Sloane Mallorca that offers flight training and testing for EASA PPL (H) and EASA Type Ratings on the Robinson R22 and R44. The flight school can also offer revalidation and renewal training and testing for pilots already rated on the R22 and R44 helicopters.

Since the training is conducted under EASA, any student can be trained in Mallorca, and still be issued their licence from their home EU state. All of the ground school, flight training and testing are conducted on site in Mallorca.

Some additional training to licensed pilots include:
  • Mountain Flying – the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca stretch over 4,500ft high.
  • Water Operations – including landing and operating on water with fixed-float R44 Clipper II.
  • Hour Building & Self Fly Hire – for those people wanting to build hours towards their CPL and Flight Instructor and see the Balearics from the air.
The company is currently operating one R22 and four R44s in Mallorca, and the flight school employs three full-time instructors and two EASA examiners.

© Sloane Mallorca© Sloane Mallorca © Sloane Mallorca© Sloane Mallorca © Sloane Mallorca© Sloane Mallorca
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