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Nordic Rotors is a unique platform and a natural hub for the Swedish
(and Nordic) helicopter industry, its costumers and its future co-workers. We
are now offering you the chance to put your advertisement on the site.
Target group Our visitors consist of a mixed blend of industry professionals, potential costumers, student pilots and enthusiasts. All the segments are growing, and we are constantly developing the site to further attract new and current visitors. One of the more important features is a tool for the general public to find a helicopter company that suits their needs. We are also putting a lot of focus in creating guides for the training market and developing new segments for the rest of the Nordic countries.
Put your ad on Nordic Rotors It's easy to advertise on Nordic Rotors. These two options are currently offered:
  • Right side: A handful of slots are available for 170x45 px banners in the right-side frame. The hierarchic order between the slots is randomly generated upon each page load in order to guarantee a fair balance between the ads.

  • Below: The large page foot banner is a leaderboard size poster (728x90 px). One banner is shown at the time, and you will be sharing this spot with other advertisers. Each banner is randomly displayed in a pre-decided percentage of the number of page loads.
We do always offer you the complimentary option to have a random alteration between your own banners in your slot in order to increase the freshness in your advertisement. Let us know if you want to use our in-house capacity for the graphic layout of your banner.

Contact us for current visitor statistics and further advertisement info.

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