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Information about SE-JVM
Last update: 2 Jul 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0526E
Year: 2001
Last known operator:
N7025K, RP-C5218
This aircraft was constructed by MD Helicopters at Mesa, Arizona, back in August 2001. It was exported to the Philippines in December 2002 with 8,6 hours of total flight time. The aircraft spent the next 10 years as RP-C5218.

The helicopter was imported to Sweden by Malmskogens Aeroservice in May 2012, with 483,4 hours of total flight time. It was registered SE-JVM (for “Visimind”) in December 2012 and would soon enter service with the Finnish company Heliwest Oy for Visimind.

Visimind is a large entrepreneur in power line inspections throughout Scandinavia, Poland and various parts of the rest of Europe. The company is focused in the acquisition of data through two/three dimensional imaging systems, based on the use of satellite positioning systems, and it uses helicopter companies to operate its range of airborne solutions.

Visimind changed operator of its power line documentation operations in the spring of 2017, and starting from January 2017 the company First European Aviation Company Sp. z o.o. took over after Heliwest. The company soon added another Hughes 500 to its fleet, bosting the total number of Swedish helicopters to three (SE-JVI, SE-JVJ and SE-JVM).
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