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Information about SE-JVJ
Last update: 2 Jul 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1127D
Year: 1982
Last known operator:
N5183Y, I-ANBE
This aircraft was constructed in the US back in 1982. It was exported to Italy shortly thereafter.

The helicopter was imported to Sweden by a private owner in February 2017. It would soon enter service with the Polish company First European Aviation Company Sp. z o.o., which operated the helicopter for Visimind.

Visimind is a large entrepreneur in power line inspections throughout Scandinavia, Poland and various parts of the rest of Europe. The company is focused in the acquisition of data through two/three dimensional imaging systems, based on the use of satellite positioning systems, and it uses helicopter companies to operate its range of airborne solutions.

The acquisition of SE-JVJ bosted the total number of Swedish helicopters in the company to three (SE-JVI, SE-JVJ and SE-JVM).
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