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Information about SE-JVB
Last update: 16 Jun 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8208
Year: 1970
Last known operator:
Y-48 was constructed by the Italian manufacturer Agusta S.p.A. under a license with Bell Helicopter Company back in 1970. It entered service with the Swedish Navy the same year. The aircraft was included in a batch of 10 Jet Rangers intended for the Navy. The helicopters were designated HKP 6B and they came to be operated parallel to the older Alouette IIs (HKP 2) as light utility and training platforms for many years. The last naval HKP 2 was retired in 1985.

As a new joint military helicopter structure came to birth in 1998-1999 all Navy, Army and Air Force helicopters were incorporated in a combined fleet - the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing. The new organization had no impact on the helicopters other than adding a wider range of operations. The naval Jet Rangers remained at the naval bases for their last years in service.

The family of HKP 6Bs was retired in 2003. This aircraft was stored for several years before it was transferred to the civil registry as SE-JVB in January 2012. The aircraft was included in the Air Force Museum's flying exhibit together with its sister ship SE-HGX (former 06054).
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