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Information about SE-JRY
Last update: 11 Jul 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1189
Year: 2001
Last known operator:
This aircraft was assembled by Eurocopter in France back in 2001. It spent its first four years in service with a private owner in France before it was exported to Denmark, purchased by Bel Air in 2005. The aircraft was used for various tasks, including operations in Greenland. It was damaged in an accident at Skjoldungen, Greenland, in August 2007, when its main blades contacted the ground during a one-skid operation. The aircraft slid down a slope for approximately 50 meters following the subsequent landing, but it came to a stop in an upright position. OH-HHS was soon repaired. It was later transferred to the newly established company BackBone Aviation, which were involved in ice reconnaissance operations for the Danish meteorological services centre for ocean and ice (DMI) in the southern part of Greenland. It was later operated in Iceland as well.

The 2200-hour helicopter was purchased by Stockholms Helikoptertjänst in March 2017. It was registered SE-JRY (sister ship to SE-JRZ) in early April the same year. The EC120 replaced the MD500E SE-JGB that had been sold a couple of months earlier.

In April 2017 Stockholms Helikoptertjänst opened a partnershop with Hummingbird Aviation Services in order to increase their redundancy as well as to facilitate commercial air transport and specialized operations for the two companies. This due to the companies' distinct focus in their respective business area. As a result of this, SE-JRY was added to H-bird's fleet parallel to being operated by SHTAB.
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