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Information about SE-JNN
Last update: 3 May 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3523
Year: 2003
Last known operator:
SE-JNN was constructed by Robinson Helicopter Company in late-2003. It did its initial test flight on 5 December 2003 and was approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in a test flight three days later. The helicopter did a total of five hours of flying at Robinson Helicopters factory in Torrance, US. In fact, after the first five hours you need to change all the oil in the helicopter, and that's why Robinson mostly flies new aircraft for five hours before delivery.

The helicopter was dismantled in US and put in to two wooden boxes, one for the main body and one for the tail unit and rotor blades. It was flown in a cargo aircraft to Frankfurt, Germany, in the end of December 2003. The helicopter was then transported by truck to Stockholm, where it was inspected by the customs authorities. A few days later, on 7 January 2004, it arrived to Bromma Airport.
SE-JNN was assembled in Helicopter Assistance's facilities ("Gula Hangaren") at Bromma Airport during the middle of January. It was approved by the Swedish Aviation Safety Authority (Luftfartsinspektionen) on 4 February 2004, and received the registration SE-JNN.

The helicopter did its first flight in Sweden on 9 February 2002, and established its first 0,8 hrs as SE-JNN. It was approved by Helicopter Assistance in a test flight the day after.

SE-JNN was the very first R22 Beta II in Sweden, as well as the 21'st R22 registered in the country and the first helicopter in the "SE-JN"-batch. It was owned by HelikopterTornet AB and based at Bromma Airport in Stockholm the first years in the country.

The helicopter was later sold to Tinghalla Rotor AB and entered service with Svensk Pilotutbildning for pilot training at Gothenburg City Airport (Säve) in Gothenburg.
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