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Information about SE-JNE
Last update: 24 Jun 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1013
Year: 2010
Last known operator:
This aircraft was delivered to the flight school Northern Helicopters at Axamo Airport, Jönköping, on August 8 2010. It was initially owned by the Swedish Cabri/Eurocopter dealer Savback Helicopters AB, but the ownership was eventually transferred to Northern Helicopters through SG Finans.

The helicopter was the second Cabri G2 in Sweden (and Scandinavia). Both helicopters (SE-HJR being the other one) were used as a training helicopters in Jönköping, where they replaced the flight school's Schweizer 300s.

SE-JNE was involved in an incident on 6 February 2012. A helicopter student was passing overhead Gällstad, south of Ulricehamn, on a solo navigation when he heard a loud bang followed by increasingly heavy vibrations, why he immediately entered an autorotation. He managed to do an run-on landing at a snowy field with the engine on idle. Both the helicopter and the student were unharmed. The Swedish Accident Investigation Board concluded that the incident was caused by a failed bearing in the engine pulley. The rotorcraft type certificate holder soon issued a mandatory service bulletin in order to reduce the time between lubrication of the bearing.

Fleet leaders
SE-JNE and its sister ship SE-HJR became world-wide fleet leaders in the Cabri G2 family. The helicopters were moved to Säve Airport in Gothenburg as Northern Helicopters closed its Jönköping base and opened its new training centre in Gothenburg. The helicopters were accompanied by an EC120 (SE-JDT) and an AS355 (SE-JMA).

In March 2015 Northern Helicopters announced its intention to replace the fleet of Cabri helicopters with Robinson aircraft. An R44 (SE-JPH) was added to the Swedish fleet in May 2015, and the first Cabri (SE-JNE) was exported to Spain the same month.
SE-JNE was purchased by the Spanish dealer for Helicoptères Guimbal, Coptering SA, which operates from its base at Barcelona’s Sabadell Airport.
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