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Information about SE-JMZ
Last update: 12 Nov 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1036
Year: 1999
Last known operator:
SE-JMZ was manufactured in Eurocopter's factory in Marginane, Marseilles (France), in 1999 and was purchased by Heli-Air Monaco. It was mainly used for the shuttle traffic between Monaco and Nice, but proved to be too small for the activity. The helicopter was offered for sale and the Swedish company Jämtlands Flyg AB purchased the machine in mid-2000. It was needed since the company had ordered a factory-new EC 120, but waited for the delivery (which took approx a year at that time).

The helicopter, which had been given registration SE-JMZ, was based at Göviken Heliport in central Östersund. It was mainly used for air taxi, reindeer herding, inventory flights and powerline inspections.

However, when Jämtlands Flyg's ordered EC 120 (SE-JLZ) was delivered the older SE-JMZ was sold to Heli i Arjeplog AB.

Purchased in mid-2001 the new owner mainly used it for pretty much the same kind of activities as the earlier operator had. It was used together with the company's AS 350B2 (SE-JFS).

In November 2003 the Norwegian company Corvus AS purchased SE-JMZ. The registration LN-OCQ was reserved, but the helicopter had only been de-registered from Sweden for a couple of days before it was registered here again. The helicopter is now used by Corvus, but is still registered SE-JMZ.

Jämtlands Flyg in Östersund has rented this helicopter when extra capacity was needed.

The aircraft has been stored in Järpen since 2012/2013.
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