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Information about SE-JMY
Last update: 23 Mar 2019
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1313
Year: 2003
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed in 2003 and operated by German Air Lloyd as D-HALI for a short while and then sold to the private Borlänge-based Swedish owner in early March 2004. It was imported here and registered SE-JMY in late March the same year.
The helicopter replaced the owner's previous R44 Astro, SE-JGG - which had been purchased by Air Lloyd back in 1997.

SE-JMY was sold to a private owner in the Stockholm region in January 2012 (replaced by SE-JKO). It entered Copterflyg's fleet later the same spring, however it left the fleet within a few years.

The helicopter is used by the flight school Scandinavian Helicopter Center for training purposes.

In July 2016 Helicenter opened a partnership with the helicopter company Jämtlands Flyg. Several R44s belonging to Helicenter, including SE-JMY, were added to Jämtlands Flyg's fleet in order to facilitate commercial helicopter operations parallel to the flight training. Jämtlands Flyg closed its operations in March 2019.
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