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Information about SE-JMV
Last update: 16 Mar 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 45340
Year: 1979
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed back in 1979 and spent roughly 30 years in the US before coming to Sweden in late-2009. The aircraft was operated by Texas based Houston Helicopters Inc. for a large portion of its stay in the US. It was involved in an accident during an offshore flight over the Gulf of Mexico in April of 1990 when its pilot was forced to perform an emergency landing in the sea due to an engine malfunction. The pilot deployed the floats but the aircraft came down hard enough for one of the passengers to receive serious injuries. The aircraft rolled over in the sea after the pilot and his four passengers had been rescued. However, N1071A was repaired and returned to duty.

The helicopter was imported to Sweden by Malmskogens Aerocenter AB (based in Linköping). It was sold to the private owner "Bennys Gräv AB" in Malå (northern Sweden) in July 2011.

The helicopter was leased to the Estonian company Karelia Air and later to the company HolMar in Tallinn.
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