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Information about SE-JMT
Last update: 8 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3620
Year: 2004
Last known operator:
This helicopter left the Robinson-factory in late May 2004. It arrived to Helicopter Assistance at Bromma Airport in mid June 2004. The assembly took a couple of days and the aircraft did its first ground test on June 17. The helicopter, owned by Bogghed Helicopter AB, soon entered operation with the helicopter flight school Helicopter Assistance AB at Bromma Airport. It was used in a half year before Bogghed Helicopter moved the aircraft to Eskilstuna-Kjula Airport in December 2004. A few months later Bogghed initiated a new heli-rent organization - offering pilots to hire the machine for "hour building" for a low price.

The business proved to be quite limited, and the helicopter spent much of its time on the ground. The heli-rent was cancelled and instead the R22 was leased to the utility company Copterflyg AB. It spent the summer of 2006 as a regular flying actor in the famous "Rhapsody of Rock" music show at Dalhalla.

The helicopter was exported to Norway in 2007.
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