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Information about SE-JMS
Last update: 25 Feb 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1196
Year: 2002
Last known operator:
This helicopter was purchased by the power company Ekfors Kraft in Övertorneå back in 2002, imported by Helicopter Assistance in Stockholm. It was provided with an unprecedented amount of extra equipment, including a SX-5 Nightsun Searchlight, a camera, bubble windows and four-point seat belts.

The helicopter was used for company operations, including power-line patrol at the own power distribution network. It was later accompanied by the Jet Ranger SE-JIF.

Ekfors Kraft was involved in local controversies in Övertorneå, and it was eventually declared bankrupt. The R44 was moved to iTell Helicopters' facilities in Västerås in 2009.

The helicopter was purchased by a private owner in Piteå in October 2013.

It was purchased by Kallax Flyg AB in July 2017.
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