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Information about SE-JMC
Last update: 10 Nov 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 10529
Year: 2004
Last known operator:
This aircraft was purchased by Joakim Melander Consulting AB in late-2004 and imported brand new in boxes from the Robinson plant in California in December of 2004. It was assemblied by AeroService i Karlskoga AB and delivered to Bromma Airport by pilot Patrik Möller before Christmas the same year.
The helicopter was operated by Helicopter Assistance at Bromma Airport in Stockholm, mainly used for air taxi, photographic flights and tourism.

SE-JMC was purchased by SnabbFlyg i Stockholm AB in late-2008 and changed operator to EastAir Helicopter Academy in 2009.

The helicopter was sold to a private owner in Stockholm in March 2013 (replaced by the Long Ranger SE-JOM). It was soon incorporated in EastAir's fleet again.

EastAir changed name to Hummingbird Aviation Services in May 2014. The company maintained EastAir's Air Operator Certificate and fleet (including SE-JMC), but with the new name.

The helicopter was exported to the US in October 2015. It was purchased by Highland Helicopters LLC, based in Westfield, New Jersey.
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