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Information about SE-JLA
Last update: 18 Jul 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1179
Year: 2000
Last known operator:
SE-JLA was constructed at Eurocopters factory in Marginane, close to the French city Marseilles, in 2000. It was flown to Sweden on 8 to 10 December by the Swedish Eurocopter dealer Michael Savbäck as pilot and Rickard Gillberg of Nordic Rotors as a passenger. The helicopter was flown in a two-ship formation with SE-JHA to Sweden via Dijon (F), Hahn (D), Lübeck (D) and Ängelholm (SE). The helicopters then split up and SE-JLA continued its trip to Nyköping, via Rimforsa. The helicopter hadn't been painted before the delivery flight, instead a Swedish entrepreneur had been given the task.

The helicopter later continued its trip (in new colours) to its owner, Lars Anders AB, in Tärnaby. Since Lars-Anders were one of the owners of the company Westhelicopter AB the helicopter was put in service with the company. It was mainly used for reindeer herding, heliski, aerial works and tourist flights in the Tärnaby-Hemavan area. SE-JLA got assistance by a new EC 120, SE-JLB, in July 2001.

SE-JLA, which had been Westhelicopters first EC 120B Colibri, was sold to the Monaco based "Aero Club Monaco" in October 2002 (registered 3A-MBR). The Aero Club is mainly using it for flight instructions and passenger flights, and it's most often seen at Monaco Heliport.
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