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Information about SE-JKP
Last update: 13 Dec 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3797
Year: 1984
Last known operator:
JA9388, N15KR
This aircraft was imported to Sweden from Japan in 2007 and came to be operated by Osterman Helicopter. It was transferred into the refurbished company Osterman Helicopter i Östersund AB's fleet in November 2011 (dry-leased from SG Finans AS).

Less than a year later, in September 2012, SE-JKP was returned to its leasing bank, SG Finans AS, just prior to the bankruptcy of Osterman Helicopter i Östersund AB.

The aircraft joined HeliAir Sweden's large fleet in October 2012.

The helicopter was damaged in an accident during a power line inspection task at Rögla, northwest of Ystad, on 9 January 2014. The crew of two had just crossed an intersecting superimposed power line when they turned back in order to inspect a nearby pole. The downwind turn was conducted on the leeward side of a hill, where strong winds left little room to manoeuvre ahead of the recently crossed power line, why the helicopter lost height and collided with the ground at low speed.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Board (Statens Haverikommission, SHK) concluded that the accident was caused by “the flight being carried out under meteorological conditions that impeded the possibility to execute the turn in the section of terrain in question, meaning the available power was less than that required to avoid collision with the ground”.
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