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Information about SE-JKL
Last update: 11 Apr 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0556E
Year: 2001
Last known operator:
This helicopter was acquired from the UK by a private Swedish owner. It was flown to Sweden from Shoreham in early June 2005 - passing through seven countries in five flight hours.

The helicopter was owned by a private owner in Skåne and was be solely be used for private pleasure – "shopping milk at the local supermarket" and so on. And this MD500 was not a bad choice for sure. It’s was the youngest MD500 registered in the country and was said to be in a totally splendid condition.

SE-JKL was manufactured in late-2001 and was eventually registered N70526 in the US. It was based in England and had approx 260 hrs when the Swedish owner found it.

The aircraft was exported to Germany in January of 2010.
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