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Information about SE-JJZ
Last update: 11 Aug 2019
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 11884
Year: 2006
Last known operator:
Jämtlands Flyg aquired this helicopter from HeliAir UK in March 2009 in order to extend its fleet of Robinson helicopters. After extensive equipping at Scandinavian Airtech in Borlänge (GSM, MRG, cargo hook, 4-point belts, PA-system with siren, etc) it was put into service in the remote and mountainous regions of Scandinavia.

In February 2019, Jämtlands Flyg announced that the company was to close down its operations in mid March the same year. The company declared that the controlled closure was due to decreasing profitability and stricter regulations.

The company had one AS350 (SE-JGZ), two EC120s (SE-JHZ & SE-JLZ), and two R44s (SE-JJZ & SE-JLM) when it closed its operations. The aircraft was subsequently offered for sale.

SE-JJZ was sold to HeliScan AS in Norway in May 2019. HeliScan acquired Jämtlands Flyg's Östersund-Göviken base, and let LN-OYK remain in Östersund for its Swedish operations, together with the second R44 (now LN-OYD) and the two EC120s (now LN-OYM and LN-OYL).

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