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Information about SE-JJS
Last update: 28 Apr 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 4249
Year: 2007
Last known operator:
This B3+ was constructed in Eurocopter's French factory in Marignane, Marseilles, in 2007. It was imported to Sweden in June the same year, and started its career as a liming helicopter in Laroy Flyg (2)'s fleet. The helicopter was sold to the Norwegian company Fonnafly AS in June 2008. The aircraft was officially transferred to the Norwegian registry as LN-OVO in November the same year.

LN-OVO was substantially damaged in an accident at Røldal Ski Center in Hordaland on 27 April 2013. The helicopter was transporting safety personnel in preparation for the competition Røldal Freeride Challenge. The aircraft had been flying for a while when it lost height and hit the ground of an empty ski slope hard. The helicopter was substantially damaged, but the five people on board escaped without any serious physical injuries. The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board (AIBN) is currently examining the cause of the accident.
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