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Information about SE-JJK
Last update: 1 Apr 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 66-01156 (5639)
Year: 1966
Last known operator:
66-01156, N82814, EC-948, EC-GDK
This helicopter was constructed in 1966 and was used as a military aircraft in the US Armed Forces for several years. It was later sold to Spain where it came to be used for fire fighting purposes.

The heavy-lift helicopter was imported to Sweden by Malmskogens Aerocenter AB in July 2005. It was operated by Skyline Helikopter AB and used as an airborne fire fighter and lifter. Skyline purchased the utility company Osterman Helicopter in October 2005, and merged the two companies into the brand Osterman Helicopter. The Huey became a part of the new large fleet.

SE-JJK was used for various aerial work operations throughout northern Europe, but it was mostly based at Säve Airport in Gothenburg.

It was used for tsunami relief operations in Japan in the spring of 2011. It was air-freighted to Asia in an Antonov AN-124 cargo plane, and later returned to Sweden by boat.

The aircraft was transferred into the refurbished company Osterman Helicopter i Östersund AB's fleet in October 2011. The new company was active for roughly 10 months before it went bankrupt on 4 September 2012.

The 14 000-hour helicopter was stored in Karlskoga and offered for sale. It was purchased by HeliAir Sweden in June 2013. The helicopter was flown to Västerås, and it was soon added to HeliAir's fleet. The tail boom of the aircraft was repainted in the autumn of 2013.

SE-JJK was sold to Bennys Gräv in February 2016, but it was leased to HeliAir, and subsequently remained in HeliAir Sweden's fleet.
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