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Information about SE-JIN
Last update: 16 Mar 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0025
Year: 1998
Last known operator:
N61800, N6150Q, HP-1354HT
This aircraft was constructed back in 1998 and made a career in the US and later Panama (at Helix-Craft Trading Company). It was acquired by Rehnström Aero in mid-2005 and was delivered to a maintenance facility at Nyköping as a 330 SP. It was converted into a 333 and entered service as SE-JIN in April of 2006.
The helicopter was solely used for power line inspections across entire southern Sweden.

As HeliAir Sweden AB acquired Regnströms Aero in early-2009 the helicopter became a member of the HeliAir fleet.

The aircraft was sold to a private owner (YAK Aero) in mid-2010. It was leased to the Estonian company HolMar in Tallinn.
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