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Information about SE-JIK
Last update: 15 Dec 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 10395
Year: 2004
Last known operator:
This helicopter was delivered to Sweden on 25 June 2004 and replaced Heliport AB's SE-JDV. The assembly was carried out by AeroService i Karlskoga AB, which put together the helicopter in less than a week. Being Sweden's first fuel-injected Robinson helicopter this machine is a real piece of beauty. A luxury interior and a very large GPS moving map screen is just a couple of details. Purchased by Heliport AB and registered in Sweden on 1 July 2004 SE-JIK was operated by Helicopter Assistance AB for several years. It was based at Bromma airport and was mostly used for aerial taxi.

The aircraft was later withdrawn from commercial use.

It was purchased by a private owner in Örnsköldsvik in January 2013. It joined Cassel Aero's fleet in September 2013. The helicopter will be used for reindeer herding and forest/animal census operations.

The helicopter was exported to Germany in May 2016. It showed up in he US in December 2016, registered to Midwest Air Charter Inc in Peru, Illinois.
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